V230i Thermal Transfer printer


Bargain way to take your production line over to digital subscription. Compared with traditional printing equipment such as hotprinting or rollprinting, digital printing offers far better quality and more favourable operating costs. Even compared to committing thermal transfer printers, new iTECH-coloured tape management system uses 60% less ribbon. Connected to light fitting, multi functionality and reliable engaging V230i is a great choice for production line or composed with OEM products.

Can be installed anywhere

The device is extremely compact and therefore can be installed in the larger part of the subscription – even to replace the old equipment.
DOMINO has major part of the coupling for mounting the frame – Mounting is easy and fast.
And because the device does not require compressed air, as the majority of the thermal transfer printers, it is quite easy replacement!
Whether stationary or moving for the product – as they are both on the same device. Whether right-handed or left-handed – also could be amended if necessary.
You do not need a special driver blocks – is suitable for any Ethernet-enabled control device, a computer, or even the packaging machine control unit, and an Internet browser.
V230i is suitable for both slow and fast production line staff (10-750 mm / s), and, of course, a heart rate monitor for managing a variable speed. Heated write head ensures uniform print quality, even at low temperatures.

V230i termosiirdekileprinter

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