Thermal Inkjet Printers

Quality marking for different surfaces.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Domino G-series printers are only ones on the market, offering opportunity to print Thermal-print technology with solvent water-based inks for various substrates such as cardboard boxes, bags, labels and blister packs – all these are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, health care and manufacturing of tobacco products.

G-series Thermal Inkjet Printers are ideal for modern manufacturing environment, which requires a high-quality, high-speed labelling of the products. With Thermal Inkjet printers you can also print complex codes in high-quality, machine readable codes (such as bar-codes and 2D-codes), as well as graphics.

Depending n the model, you can connect multiple print heads, that will make it available to print on one line or several lines, where products run parallel, at the same time

The print can be enhanced by combining multiple print heads in parallel on the same mounting plate. Easily replaceable cartridges  work as print heads and can operate in various of colours.


  • High speed / resolution printing that keeps up with the fastest production environments
  • Clean, minimal amounts of ink used per code, many food packaging inks available within the range
  • Superior print head technology provides exact drop placement and high print quality using our Water and Ethanol based inks
  • Easy to use printer with minimal training required to set up, operate and maintain
  • Minimal production disruption: Cartridge replacement is easy, service free with virtually no maintenence
  • Reliable and flexible modular solution that can grow with your future requirements
  • Representing trademark: Domino

Domino G20i

Compact, affordable, all-in-one, easy to install and easy to use printer. Link

Domino GX150i

The GX150i offers the perfect combination of high resolution printing and fast printing. Link

Domino GX350i

This high-resolution printer is ideal for serialization and monitoring Link

Domino GX-OEM

Ideal for serialisation and track & trace, optimised for control cabinets with operation via the user's HMI Link
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