Handheld Labelling Systems

Labelling and pricing of merchandise

Handheld Labelling Systems

SATO handheld labelling systems have been in use for over 40 years in Finland and over 20 years in Estonia, in order to label goods and equipment.

For labelling systems there are available labels with different materials and different glues.


  • KENDO is a 1-line price pistol for which labels with a size of 22 or 26 x 12 mm are suitable, depending on the model. 6, 8 or 10 symbols can be marked on one line.
  • JUDO is a 2-line SATO price pistol. This price pistol can hold 6-10 numbers in two lines. The size of the label is 22 or 26 × 16 mm, depending on the model


  • With this system you can print upper line of the label 8 marks and 6 marks to lower line.
  • Label size: 16 x 18 mm.
  • For Sato DUO 16 handheld labelling system you can have pre-printed labels. Labels available with different adhesives such as: permanent, freeze, peel, wash-off and outdoor ones.


  • SATO DUO 20 is two lined handheld labelling system with you can print 10 letters to upper line and 6 letters to lower line.
  • SATO DUO 20 has other model was well, that allows to make 10 letters to lower line as well.
  • Label size 16×23 mm.
  • Popular and work proof– two lined handheld labelling system.

SATO PB3-312, 3-lined

  • SATO PB3-312 is 3-lined handheld labelling system. To each line you can print 12 letters/ numbers.
  • Label size: 30 x 31 mm
  • Labels can be ordered with your needed design.
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