Domino C-6000+

DOMINO C-6000+ inkjet

The C6000 + is one of the fastest high-resolution printers on the market, with a print height of up to 70 mm. The printer uses the Domino Drop on Demand Piezo system to transmit accurate and visible coding to a variety of porous substrates. The printer is especially suitable for marking secondary packaging such as cardboard boxes and crates. Printed messages or codes can range from alphanumeric text and graphics to GS1-readable barcodes. The C6000 + allows printing even during ink changes, thus avoiding downtime and increasing overall device efficiency (OEE). Stability in print quality is achieved through the product control board and “floating” printhead. Domino’s mineral oil-free ink range delivers high-contrast printing. Domino’s QuickDesign software and TouchPanel touchscreen interface make it easy to design messages.

The device can run up to four printheads from a single centralized ink supply. Operator errors are minimized when integrating with ERP and MES systems. Thanks to the stand-alone C6000 + print head, it can be easily integrated into your existing production line. In addition, only 44W power consumption and no need for compressed air help to increase cost efficiency.


  • Printing mark height up to 70 mm
  • Up to 4 printheads available
  • Resolution up to 200 dpi
  • Touch screen interface
  • Mineral oil free inks
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