Domino M230i-CW

Domino M230i-CW

Prints precisely on labels and carefully places them in the corners of boxes, boxes or packages.

The M230i-CW and M230i-CWR label installers, designed to increase reliability, safety and accuracy, are installed next to machines such as carton makers, conveyors and other end-of-line equipment. This flexible and powerful label installation device is a label printing and installation solution that can use labels of different sizes, thus optimizing the use of the production space.

With its unique split insole design, it ensures accurate label placement and high-quality readable printing.


  • Mounting: top + side / rear / front or side + rear / front
  • Installation distance 10-280mm
  • Typical productivity 12 labels / min Installation on standing packaging For labels with dimensions 75x150mm to 110x254mm

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