V120i Thermal Transfer printer


Digital thermal transfer printer V120i allows a very good printing quality and better use of the cost compared to traditional marking equipments. New innovative ITECH-colored tape control unit uses up to 60% less than committing thermal transfer printers.
Along with easy installation, multi-functionality and reliable engaging V120i is great choice for production line placing or OEM product cooperation.

Easy installation anywhere

The device is very compact in size and therefore it is easy to install a larger part of the subscription, even to replace the old equipment. Installation details are available for most common mounting frames. Editing is easy and fast!

Do you need to mark still or moving product? Doesn’t matter, both functions are available on same device. Left handed or right handed? Even this can be changed if required. You don’t need special control unit that dominates any Ethernet control module, a PC or even a packaging machine is suitable for controlling unit with standard Internet browser.

V120i is suitable for both – slow and fast production line (10-750 mm/s) as well as pulse monitor for managing variable speed. Heated write head ensures uniform quality, even at low temperatures.


V120i brochure

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