Software for labels

Versatile and simply solutions for professional label design and drafting.


KLINGER BALTIC OÜ offers different program solutions for labels creation. In selection, there are, ready made software as well as software customized to users needs.


box-designer-all-trans-159x300Very versatile software for creating and printing professional labels.

Software has different levels:

  • Designer – normal applications
    Versions: Express, Standard and Pro
  • Automation – to manage large pillars
    Versions: Easy, Pro and Enterprise
  • Control Center- central controlling
    Versions: Pro, Enterprise
  • Designer Express – Beginners labelling software
  • Designer Standard – Creating labels in standard and advanced level
  • Designer Pro – Professional labeling. Excellent tools for making the user interface and the integration of your printing system.
  • Automation – Solution for enterprise-level for centrifuging multi-channel and high-volume printing.
  • Enterprise Print Manager – NiceLabel Print Center and NiceWatch Enterprise software browser based user interface


Domino QuickDesign program


Domino Quick Design program is designed to manage Domino printers.
It can be used in WYSIWYG environment to design labels and send them to the printer Ethernet (or serial connection).

The program supports Domino A-, C-, D-, G- and V-series printers:

  • Adding text field is simple. Font choice is wide.
  • Multi-line text boxes to simplify the label, with more information.
  • Bar-codes in a wide range according to all major standards.
  • Edition can add graphics, the program supports many used picture formats.
  • Text fields and even bar codes can also add variables to the batch and serial numbers. Information can be taken from the database as well.
  • If the text is ready to be printed, it can be sent directly to the printer.
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