COLLAMAT automatic labelling machines

Collamat-automatic labelling machines are designed and manufactured on production line for mobile products labelling. Labelling takes place on moving line. Labelling speed is configured to suit the production line speed; this ensures that non of the product will be without label.

Labelling takes place selectively either from the right or from the left side. Product series includes many different models, that labelling speed and accuracy depend on model. Among many models it’s possible to use the alternative that suits with productivity and by price. Devices can be mounted onto printing equipment, that can print additional information such as batch number, date or product descriptions.

Labelling machines are manufactured by Swiss company Collamat AG, who has designed the equipment so that it’s suitable for industrial conditions as well. Equipment is strong and 100 percent stainless steel construction ensures reliabilty and easy use of these devices.

Collamat 2610 is suitable for short production lines or small quantities of product labelling.

Collamat 3600 is an economical labelling machine and is well suited for applications where it’s desirable to keep the price low.

Collamat 6600 is rapid standard labelling machine. This model has the speed and characteristics of the product label, the exact mounting (mounting is possible to change).

Collamat 7600 – labelling machine newest model. Labelling speed and precision with affordable price.

Collamat 8600 – accurate and fast labelling machine.

Collamat 9100 is suitable for demanding labelling work. It’s the fastest labelling machine in Collmat-series.

Collamat NG is the newest model. It’s modular design of the device allows the use for most of labelling tasks.

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