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Continuous inkjet printers – in Domino A-series printers, the ink is circulating continuously between the print head and the ink cartridge, thereby preventing the ink from drying out. During printing, ink droplets are controlled by electric charge to surface of the product. There printers are typically used on product lines to apply dates and series numbers on the line with speed up to 500 m/min.

In newer models of the series special iTech-modular is used. iTech makes printing easy and is maintenance-free. With special print heads and special inks there’s possible to print even on most demanding objects, for example directly on unpacked food. Some devices are suitable to work in wet conditions, cause of high level of protection.

Print heads selection is diverse and offering solutions for different installation conditions and for imprint requirements:

  • DUO-print head is designed for particularity busy lines with information printed in multiple lines at speed up to 325 m/min.
  • XS-print head allows to print good quality codes in high-speed production lines, that can work around the clock.
  • FreeForm-print head is capable of printing high-quality and well arched and free-form images.
  • Pinpoint-print head is suited to applications, that require small footprint with high quality printing even at high speeds.

Wiedenbach printers have been developed for so-called OPAAK colours usage and their uses are mainly cables and dark products, to have visible signs.


  • For high-speed production lines, up to 500 m/min
  • Possible to print with uneven or flexible surfaces
  • Versatile printing heads range provides solutions for different installation conditions and imprint requirements
  • Automatic self-cleaning print head is also suitable for frequently calling lines
  • We represent brands: Domino and Wiedenbach


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Duo inkjet

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