Labelling machines

Labelling machines


Label applicators are most commonly used on production lines, where the label applicator affixes the label to the desired location along the conveyor product. The devices can also be used, for example, in robotic applications. Applicators are suitable for applications where the same series of labels must be affixed. In most cases, pre-printed labels are affixed with the same information. These labeling devices can also be connected in line with a line printer analogue to Domino M-series or Ventus devices, making them very suitable for printing product labels. However, keep in mind that in this case, there are always some pre-printed labels between the mounting head and the printer, which makes the applicators unsuitable for printing and installing labels containing unique information.

Applicators can also be equipped with a film printer or a marking device. The applicators are represented in our product range by the Intrex, Collamat and MeckLabeller product families, from which it is possible to find a suitable device for almost all applications. Collamat’s fastest equipment is capable of achieving labeling speeds of up to 300 m / min.

Marking lines

Intrex and MeckLine marking lines are customized solutions, usually consisting of a single power conveyor and applicator; other devices may be added as needed. The devices allow multiple chains to be attached to the same product on the same conveyor.


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