Large Character Printers

For simple and cost-effective coding onto outer cases, trays and sacks

Tindiprinter suured märgid 2Large Character ink printers

Domino’s C-series printers are well suited for marking a sales batch packed in cardboard boxes, where, in addition to product information, the distributor’s logo and the necessary bar codes must be visible in the required quality. This prevents the boxes from being pre-printed. Multiple printheads can be connected to the system, allowing you to print on multiple sides of a box at once. The surface of the object to be printed must be porous.

The Domino C-Series model line offers printers with different print heights. The C1000 + and C3000 + allow printing at 17.5mm and 35mm heights, respectively, and the C6000 + is already available for printing large characters up to 70mm high.

Labeling directly on the packaging saves the additional costs of pre-printing and storing the packaging, as well as printing and affixing the labels. It also simplifies the production process and warehouse management.


  • Large size marking directly on the product or on the outer packaging of the product
  • Marking directly on the packaging enables to save from pre-printing and storage as well as from printing the labels
  • Reliable, simple and user-friendly
  • Representing trademark: Domino

Domino C-6000+

With Domino C-series you can mark directly onto the products or packaging Link
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