Ink Ribbons

Right ink ribbons for every purpose.

Ink Ribbons

We provide ink ribbons to all the thermal printers on the market. Meckband ink ribbons are high quality and suitable for various materials such as paper, plastic and textiles. Ink ribbons are available in many different widths and colours. In addition, we also offer Zebra Technologies high-quality ink ribbons.

VärvilindidInk ribbon type depends on the label material and product usage environment. Choosing the right type of ribbon and correct label material ensures high-quality printing and lasting impression.

Wax ribbons

Wax ribbons are suitable for printing regular labels, that doesn’t have to withstand high mechanical stress.

Wax-resin ribbons

Wax-resin ribbons are suitable for printing labels of any material if imprints require greater resistance to mechanical stress.

Resin ribbons

Resin ribbons are suitable for extreme conditions, where the trace must print must be able withstand high mechanical and chemical stress.

Near Edge ribbons

Near Edge ribbons are designed for working at high speed printers such as plastic printers, which extends it’s operating speed up to the 1000 mm/s.


  • Ribbons for all thermal printers available on the market
  • High-quality printing on various materials such as paper, plastic and textiles
  • Choosing the right tape provides high-quality printing and lasting mark on all features
  • Representing trademarks such as: Meckband, Armor, Ricoh, Dynic, Leonhard Kurz, Domino and Zebra
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