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Desktop printers from the world’s leading manufacturers according to customer needs.

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Label printing is a necessity in many places, such as laboratory test tubes labeling or labeling to indicate the content of a cardboard box. A variety of different applications require different printers starting from portable mobile printers ending with large A3 format labels printing industrial printers.

KLINGER Baltic product range includes desktop printers from world’s leading manufacturers such as Sato, Zebra, Citizen and Datamax-O‘Neil (Honeywell).

If your daily print volume is low and printer doesn’t have a lot of space, so-called desktop printers are the best solution. These printers have small plastic body, which use label rolls and therefore ink rolls are small as well: label rolls diameter is about 100 mm and ink ribbons length is approximately 100 meters. These printers printing width is either 53 mm or 104 mm.

For intensified use should be selected so-called industrial type printers, which have metal housing and clearly can hold more material (approximately label rolls with 200 mm diameter and with ink rolls with length up to 600 m). This reduces accessories exchange rate. With these printers, the printing speed is high due to efficient processor and large memory capacity.

Industrial-type printers usual printing width is 104 mm, but there are also printers with printing width more than 250 mm. Some of the industrial printers are also called 24/7 models in


  • Monochrome printing or additional information on ready to print labels
  • Desktop printers for small space and few printing capacity
  • Industrial type printers for fast printing speeds
  • We represent brands: Sato, Zebra, Citizen and Datamax-O‘Neil (Honeywell)

SATO CG4 series

Economial, very compact series of label printing with 4-inch (104 mm) printing width Link

SATO WS4 series

Economial, very compact series of label printing. Link


SATO CL4NX new generation thermal transfer printer Link
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