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Automatic labeling also with changing data

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VENTUS Print & Apply machines

Labelling units are most commonly used in production lines where products run on the conveyor, but units can also be used as robotic applications for the labels. These devices are always connected to the printer which is used to print information on label. As devices place lastly printed label on product, information that is printed can be different each time. These devices are perfectly suited to label products as well as pallets.

Print and apply units are in our selection represented by Ventus and Domino M-series.


  • For automated label printing and applying on product lines and in robotic applications
  • The unit attaches always the lastly printed label, so information can be different on all labels
  • Labels can be attached to any place on any shape of the products: on top, on side, to the bottom, recess or over the corner
  • Our product brand: Ventus, Domino

Ventus 520

Ventus 520 a compressed-air operated labelling unit Link

Ventus 620

Ventus 620 constitutes a pneumatic cylinder equipped labelling unit Link

Ventus 920

Ventus 920 fastens lastly printed label with reversible print head Link

Ventus 920VL

Ventus 920VL is the best solution for versatile marking. Link

Ventus 1020

Ventus 1020 is specially designed and constructed to label products front and/or rear side Link


VentusPallet combines printing and attaching units Link

Domino M230i-T


Domino M230i-S & SP


Domino M230i-CW


Domino M230i-P150

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