DPX Fume Extraction

DPX Fume Extraction

Durable DPX-Series air cleaners are capable of efficiently and inexpensively remove flue gas as well as small particles that are formed by using the laser. In addition, air purifiers are able to protect people and the environment from the adverse effects of the production. Air cleaning is mandatory if the gases are toxic (eg. PVC).

To ensure a clean and safe environment, is assured that the DPX-series devices are able to be meet safety and security requirements. HEPA filters are used and the chemical layer, that is able to neutralise toxic gases and remove from them from the environment.

Air purifiers are easy to use and they have long life span. If the need to change the filters arises, then its’ easy to do. The machine has sound and light signals that make supervision easy and warn users in the event of the problem.

Fume extractor installation is quick and purified air is lead to working place without the need to install pipes nor cut holes in the wall/ceiling.

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