Handjet printer

HANDJET® EBS-260 is unique device.

The printer uses a selection of preloaded and True Type fonts. Printout designs created for the printer can include font type and size settings, and objects can be easily moved both vertically and horizontally. In addition to text, you can print graphics, logos, and barcodes, as well as 2-point 2D codes. The printer offers multi-line printing, which means that each block of text can contain up to 5 subgroups. The 32-nozzle print head allows you to print texts up to 56 mm high. The printer can use so-called special registers, ie memory fields, the content of which changes dynamically after each printout. This includes date and time in any format, expiration dates, incremental and incremental lists, cascade counters, barcodes and data transmitted from computers (eg databases) and external devices (eg 1D and 2D code readers, automatic scales, sensors), etc.

EBS-260 offers many options for the printing.

The 3.5-inch touch screen allows you to make immediate design changes even when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network and computer. Printout designs created for the printer can include font type and size settings, and objects can be easily moved both vertically and horizontally. You can change the print orientation and orientation through the settings. Printouts can be made from left to right and right to left, up, down, down, and mirrored, as well as along curves. The printout can be easily adjusted according to the type of surface and the absorbency of the surface via the touch screen. The print width can be easily changed directly on the screen, and printing at predefined areas is much easier with the positioning beam. Each text can contain up to 5 lines (5 × 5 dot matrix). The multi-line function has another advantage, which allows you to set up to 10 sub-texts with different content as part of one text, each sub-text can contain up to 5 lines of text. It can be used to print various information in different places on the object. One ink tank allows you to print over 200,000 characters.

HANDJET® EBS 260 uses wide range of fast-drying inks.

The HANDJET® EBS 260 uses a wide range of fast-drying color-based and pigmented inks based on ethanol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) and water. Inks are available in a variety of colors, including black, red, white, yellow, blue, for good contrast on light and dark surfaces. Special ink types are also available for printing on hot objects (up to 250ºC), suitable for food contact and direct printing on food (water- and ethanol-based inks), UV-resistant inks. Most inks are multi-purpose, meaning they can be printed on a variety of surfaces. Special purpose inks are also available, e.g. for printing on concrete or inks that are more resistant to ultraviolet radiation.


The printer is available in a convenient case that can be used for both storage and transportation.

The kit includes a power adapter to charge the batteries, a power adapter cable, an ink tank, and a detergent spray bottle. Roll guide to support printing.

Accessories include support stabilizers for certain applications, such as printing perfectly on a straight line or printing on cylindrical surfaces:

  • Axial and radial printing on cylindrical surfaces

  • Support for circular printing

  • Printing on flat surfaces using the roller guide that supports straight-line printing

HANDJET® EBS-260 is a fully mobile device-

The printer can be managed remotely via a Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth technology allows data to be transferred wirelessly for printing, and the USB port allows you to quickly exchange, copy and archive printer files, and update printer software.


  • Print height up to 58mm / 32 dots

  • More than 200,000 characters with one ink tank

  • Clear and sharp 3.5 ”color touch screen

  • Shelf life up to 16 hours

  • Printer weight (including battery and tank) is approximately 1580 g

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