We offer only original inks tested by the recognised manufacturers.


Inks have an important role on product labelling and packaging quality and durability. We offer only recognized manufacturers tested inks, that ensure both high-quality printing results as trouble-free operation of the printer.

Domino / Domino Wiedenbach

TindidWe offer to Domino ink-printers only Domino inkjet inks. Ink selection is board and covers all marking needs. Domino has developed a variety of surfaces and applications intended for the inks, including food and beverages, and marking the pharmaceutical electronics, wood and metal industry. We offer dozens of inks, which are environmentally friendly, fast-drying and alcohol-resistant.

All inks have been tested in accordance with the types of the Domino printers in test laboratory. Inks are tailored to work well with their respective printers, which ensures the smooth running of the production process.

Inks are in cartridges which are fitted with the metering valve. Therefore, they are easy to use and doesn’t stain. The cartridges are labeled with texts, symbols and colors, so mix-ups are minimised. Also overflow risk is very minimal due to the ink cartridges that doesn’t have to be manually shed.


In EPSONi color printers there’s used DURABrite™ Ultra inks and Ultrachrome® DL pigment inks, which ensure a proper and durable marking.
Pigment imprint gives better durability. The ink adheres to the surface of the label and due resin content is light, water, humidity and ozone resistant.


  • Recognized produce’s original inks ensure high quality printing and uninterrupted work of printer
  • From our wide selection of inks you can find suitable ink for all surfaces and for all uses
  • We represent brands: Domino, EPSON, Zebra and  Wiedenbach
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