Laser coding & marking equipment

The optimum combination of small footprint and big benefit.

Lasermärgistus otse tootele 2Laser coding and marking directly on products

Laser marking devices allow you to carry the signs directly to the product. Accurate and consistent labelling can be done on almost any surface, from the usual cardboard and paper to plastic and glass. Equipment is suitable for example for food, beverage, pharmacy and cosmetic industries.

Laser marking trail is always even.

Inks or other chemicals, as well as labels or color ribbons aren’t required, so the running costs are very low compared to other marking equipment.

Laser marking Equipment is completely maintenance free.

Domino D-Series i-Tech laser marking devices combine the low space requirements and high efficiency. D-Series of CO2 lasers are in three different power (10 W, 30 W and 60 W) and three different light wavelength allowing to find the right device for all marking needs – different materials, very slow high-speed applications, a simple representation of a complex mark.

Domino F220i Fibre Laser (20 W) connects Domino D-Series lasers i-Tech attributes of the latest fiber laser technology, which ensures excellent performance. The small size of the device allows easy installation. F220i laser ensures accurate and high-quality labels on various materials such as metal, plastic and foil packaging.


  • Steady, even and accurate labelling on almost all surfaces
  • In addition to low operating costs, equipment is maintenance free
  • Four different power classes and three different wavelenghts of the light allow you to find right equipment for many labelling purposes
  • Representing trademark Domino

Domino D series

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