In corporate world product, package and product labeling have several important functions. Product identifier must show the origin of the product, to prove the quality of the goods, guide the product to the right destination and help differentiate the product from competitors. Marking of products must comply with various guidelines and provide end-user with the information on product safety.

Wide range of marking supplies include inkjet and laser printers, labeling machines, and a variety of hand labelling systems. Also Ventus-automatic devices for printing labels and endorsement. Ventus product family first unit was launched in 1994 and now there are eight different models in the product family.

We offer service to all devices, we’ve sold, all over Estonia. Service technicians trained by equipment manufacturer install and maintain labeling professionally, and, if necessary, instruct users in problem situations. We can offer variety of maintenance and service contracts, with what the liability of the labeling process and the performance of the equipment is fully or partially passed on to our specialists.

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In the food industry expertly designed packaging and labeling of the product doesn’t mean only following the rules and regulations, but it also attracts the  consumers and influences their purchasing decisions. Our solutions help your products to stand out from the competitors and find their way to the consumer baskets.


Chemistry makes the product markings on a serious test. In addition to chemicals, symbols also have to withstand severe weather conditions. Packaging and labeling of products is also adjusted with number of laws. We offer durable, high-quality solutions even for the most extreme conditions.


The production of the equipment has very different needs on identification marking. Labeling can be needed on a tiny detail or a giant piece, we are able to offer high-quality printing solutions that ensure the trail. It is possible to label a variety of different materials such as plastic, metal and glass.


Our solutions ensure permanent marking on wood, including porous materials. The correct ink markings shall adopt the after-treatment of wood. Our range has proper equipment and materials for various kinds of paper products.


Proper labeling makes the logistic transportation smooth and offers easy goods tracking. Our range includes a variety of options for marking the packages. Our solutions cover all the logistics field needs.


Product and the package labeling in the pharmaceutical industry does not only help to differentiate products from competitors, but also to identify the origin of the product, thereby protecting end consumers against counterfeit medicine. Our solutions make it possible to make the necessary labeling on products, product packages, sales lot packages as well on transport packages.

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