Large Character Printers

For simple and cost-effective coding onto outer cases, trays and sacks

Tindiprinter suured märgid 2Large Character ink printers

Domino on C-series printers are ideal for labelling batches that are packed into cardboard boxes, where in addition to product data, there should be distributor’s logo and bar codes as well. With this system it is possible to prevent the pre-printing of the boxes. System allows to connect several print heads that allow you to print multiple sides of the box. Surface of the print object has to be porous.

Domino Macrojet is designed for large, up to 80 mm, high marks, where print quality can be mediocre, but print trail easily legible. Typical applications are batch and date prints on large transport packs, such as sacks, plastic containers and cardboard boxes.

Marking directly on the package enables to save from pre-printing packaging and storage as well as printing of labels. It also simplifies the manufacturing process and warehouse management.


  • Large size marking directly on the product or on the outer packaging of the product
  • Marking directly on the packaging enables to save from pre-printing and storage as well as from printing the labels
  • Reliable, simple and user-friendly
  • Representing trademark: Domino
Domino C-series
With Domino C-series you can mark directly onto the products or packaging