Notice of Merger

09. September 2015 there was signed merger contract between two companies Marking Art OÜ ( 11492319, address Kadaka tee 84A, Tallinn, Estonia) and
Simracon OÜ ( 10761527, address Vesse 4, Tallinn, Estonia). 16th September 2015 entry into Estonian Business Register was made about merge between Marking Art OÜ ja Simracon OÜ, with that Simracon OÜ was deleted from Business Register. Due merger name of the company has changed, new company name is KLINGER Baltic OÜ.

Starting from 21.09.2015, merged company information is following:
Name: KLINGER Baltic OÜ
Registration number: 11492319
VAT number: EE101528164
Adress: Vesse 4, Tallinn 11415
Telephone: +372 670 3002

Bank information
Danske Bank
a/a EE10 3300 3321 6293 0003
KLINGER Baltic OÜ takes over all both merged companies assets, obligations and valid contracts. Company remains offering all the services of both merged companies without interruption. All merger related questions will be happily answered by company management board member. Please send your questions to following e-mail address:

Looking forward to successful cooperation,
Talis Perosti
Management board member