KLINGERexpert® is a software package that contains data on many Klinger materials and carries out sealing calculations for new plants, new equipment and maintenance work; it is an excellent problem solver. The user-friendly screen management is supplemented by an easy to understand online manual allowing you to access the most up to date information immediately.

The programme covers:

  • Automatic selection of gasket material based on media and conditions
  • Automatic calculations for ANSI, DIN & JIS flanges
  • Calculations for custom flanges if not covered by the above
  • Automatic calculation of maximum and minimum sealing stress
  • Automatic calculation of bolt torque requirements
  • Safety by Design
  • Integrity of assembly

We can provide you with this software, just feel free to ask from us!
KLINGERexpert® is also available as mobile-app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Download software from here:


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