Domino G130i

Domino G130i

The G130i offers perfect combination of the high
resolution printing and the fast printing.

The printer supports the use of two printheads,
which can be used simultaneously either separately
on separate (different) production lines, or when
marking different sides of the same package at the
same time. By connecting the print head you can
increase the print height.

Creating a label is easy with the full keyboard
and Domino QuickDesign software.

The G130i is suitable for printing a variety
materials used in the consumer goods industry
such as paper, cardboard, plastic, film, foil and metal.
The device complies with the external packaging marking
(secondary level packaging) requirements.

Replacing an ink cartridge with a printhead is quick and easy.

The maximum height of the printing plate is 25.4 mm (2x 12.7 mm).

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