MECKLABELLER automatic labeling machines

MeckLabeller labeling devices are designed and manufactured for the labeling of moving (CM) and stationary (IM) products and meet the labeling needs of even the most demanding production line or packaging machine. for the labeling needs of fast as well as slow production lines, but they are also perfectly adaptable to the needs of customers. The strong and massive construction of the device consists of carefully selected consumables made of stainless steel and aluminum. We give your device a longer warranty than usual. The advanced design of the device, in turn, takes into account the need for production lines to minimize downtime. Device control has been made easy with open guide rollers, product preset memory locations and the ability to move the control panel. MeckLabeller can also be fitted with various printing devices (including Sato and Domino), which, in addition to affixing the labels, also allow each label to be individually marked, such as the batch number, date or product description.


  • For automated labeling of products or packaging on production lines or in robotic applications
  • Possibility to connect a label unit to a printer, but not suitable for printing and affixing labels with unique information
  • The marking line adapted to the customer’s needs allows to attach all the necessary labels to the product at once