SATO CG4 series

SATO CG4 series overall features

CG2-series is the new economical SATO label printing series with 4-inch (104 mm) printing width. In this series there are models for both thermal and thermal transfer printing with resolution 203 and 305 dpi.

This printer is very easy to use thanks to the so-called shell construction and materials are very easy to replace. As standard connection of the printer the USB interface is sued, in parallel with USB you can use Ethernet, parallel or sequential interface. This printer is suitable for printing labels and vouchers, as addition there’s also available accessories to make it possible to use so-called Lineless material.

The printer can be connected with Keypad-keyboard that allows to use printer without computer (stand-alone mode). It’s especially suitable for locations where space is limited, such as store counter. The printer can also get access to real time clock (RTC), which provide data (date and time) printout in Stand-alone mode as well. The printer can be ordered with accessories such as cutter, separator, real-time clock, Keypad-terminal and Linerless-series. To CG4 Series printers you can also order different programming languages emulators, which can be applied to Datamax, Eltron, Toshiba Teci and Zebra languages. Printer is easy to use – changing print head or driven rolls doesn’t require tools.

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