Domino G-series

Domino G-series Thermal Inkjet Printers

High-quality printed complicated codes on different surfaces with high speed

Domino G-series printers are only ones that allow you to print in Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technique, with solvent water-based inks on various surfaces such as:
• Cardboard boxes
• Bags
• Labels
• Blister packs – used in pharmacy, food industry and tobacco industry.

G100, G200 ja G300 printers are ideal for modern manufacturing environment, cause they can print:
• High-quality complicated codes
•Machine readable codes (such as bar-codes and 2D-codes)
• Graphics
• In high-speed

Main features

Domino G-series TIJ printers have following advantages:

Unique quickly drying inks for a variety of surfaces

  • Domino is only manufacturer who offers fast dry inks for a variety of materials, allowing to print on wide range of materials.
  • The ability to quickly change the solvent and water-based inks means that the G-series gives the opportunity to print with single device on porous and non-porous materials.

High-resolution printing

  • Exacting electronically readable codes (such as Data Matrix) on different monitoring tasks.
  • Ability to print a lot of high-speed lines.

Comfortable to use

  • Simple and clean ink replacement with ink cartridges
  • Cartridge includes a print head and ink
  • New print head whenever ink is changed
  • Easy to use, minimal training needs


  • The opportunity to manage a number of print heads with the same controller
  • You can connect to the network via the built-in Ethernet port
  • Longer stand by with simple ON / OFF power switch
  • Printing reports processing on offline mode reduces the processing time required for product exchanges.