Labelling machines

Labelling machine

etiketiaplikaator KlingerLabelling machines are mostly used in product lines where machine attaches label to desired location on product that’s passing on conveyor belt. The devices can also be used as robotic applications.

Machines are suitable for applications where long series of same labels need to be attached. Mostly attached labels are pre-printed labels with same information. Also with device production line printers can be connected, analogously with Ventus devices. It should be remembered, that in such case, fastened labels are always pre-printed, hence labelling machines aren’t suitable for unique information printing and mounting.

Applications can be equipped with thermal transfer printers or laser marking devices.

In our product range labelling machines are represented by Collamat and MeckLabeller, from which it’s possible to find suitable device for almost all applications. Collmat fastest devices are capable to achieve labelling speed up to 300 m/min.

Marking lines

MeckLine marking lines are adjusted according to customers needs, which usually are composed of one or more conveyors and MeckLabeller; if necessary, other devices are added.

MeckLine enables multi-label mounting to the same product on the same conveyor.

MECKLABELLER automatic Labelling machines

MeckLabeller labelling machines are designed and manufactured for mobile (CM) and stopped (IM) products. Machines can handle even the most demanding product lines and packaging machines labelling needs.

MeckLabeller – labelling machines series include three different models (ML100, ML200 and ML300), that by their basic characteristics meet both fast and slow production lines labelling needs, but also can be adapted to customers’ needs.

Strong and sturdy structure consist of carefully selected wearing parts, made of stainless steel and aluminium. We give our devices longer than normal warranty. Cut-edge design of the device takes into account the need to minimize production line interruptions. Device management is made easy with loose guide rollers, the products present memory locations and control unit portability options. MeckLabellers are possible to attach with variety of printing devices (including Sato and Domino), thanks to which individual information can be added to labels, such as batch number, date or product information.


  • For automatic labelling on products or packaging in production lines or in robotic applications
  • Possibility to connect labelling unit to printer, however not suitable for labels containing unique information
  • Tailored labelling and printing line allows to fix all needed labels on product
  • We represent brands: Collamat, MeckLabeller and MeckLine
It's tested and functioning mechanics and electronics combination
MeckLabeller200 is ideal solution for high productivity and accuracy for demanding product lines
MeckLabeller300 is designed for product lines that require quality and accuracy
COLLAMAT automatic labelling devices